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Thresher - THRESHold EvaluatoR for Python

Open source

A bare pandas implementation of a tool for finding the threshold which maximizes accuracy of predict_proba like-outputs (from e.g. scikit-learn), in regard to the provided ground truth (labels).

FastCat - tool for browsing Wikipedia categories

Open source

Fastcat is a little Python library for quickly looking up broader/narrower relations in Wikipedia categories locally. The idea is that fastcat can be useful in situations where you need to rapidly lookup category relations, but don't want to abuse the Wikipedia API.

ADA - Adaptive anomaly detection

Commercial, closed source

Fraud detection in retail stores/restaurants. Deep.BI uses AI pattern detection to analyze POS transactional data and detect employee fraud. Solution doesn't just look at the transactions one-by-one; algorithm analyzes employee history and location aggregated data, along with in-transaction data about item deletes, item additions, refunds and employee profiles, through neural networks and machine learning models to spot irregularities invisible to the human eye.

Skip Tracing & Cyber Tracking

Commercial, closed source

A dunning system, which boosts data collection capacity. Our solutions enabled to increase the efficiency of our clients data collection strategy. We automated the manual process of skip tracing and offer high performance along with capacity service that collects information about given individuals from multiple data sources, incluidng mediasphere.

BigSim for maritime

Commercial, closed source

I worked on multi-agent big data simulation and optimization problem for the maritime industry. Our system opitmized workflow of major ports in the America. Specialized operations research made for better performance of the port, higher ratio of found contraband, and finally, lowering costs. Produced recommendations were customer-tailored for every maritime port.

Content targeted advertising

Commercial, closed source

Context-aware targeting of online advertisement through using advanced NLP and AI techniques.

Forecasting views for Youtube content

Open source

Example of regression with caret framework.

Analysis of PM2.5 air contamination for the US data

Open source

Sample analysis of NEI public data about air contamination in USA.

Analyzing open source teams of developers located on the GitHub portal

Academic, open source

"WikiTeams" is a research grant from the National Science Centre, Poland (NCN). The research was conducted at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. The main goals were: a) Modeling and evaluating quality of virtual teams of programmers. b) Creating recommendations for collaborative innovation networks. c) Investigating emergent task allocation strategies.