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Churn detection and prevention for a fintech

Open source (on GitHub)

Minimizing churn of customers of a popular fintech app.

Fraud Detection for EEE-CIS card transactions

Open source (on GitHub)

Detecting fraud on online customer transactions using state of the art algorithm - LightGBM.

Chicago food inspections

Open source (on GitHub)

Trying to beat the Chicago city in predicting which restaurants are currently at risk of breaking the rules (compliance / food safety).

6nomads test

Open source (on GitHub)

A machine learning project for 6nomads (a multi-class clasification problem).

Car music recommender

Open source (on GitHub)

Example of context-aware recommender model for the CarMusic dataset using different techniques, including AutoML, deep learning and collaborative filtering.

News portal recommender

Open source (on GitHub)

News portal user interactions by

Finding cactuses on aerial footage

Open source (on GitHub)

Identifying columnar cactus on aerial images (deep-learning project).

Medical classifier for data from sensors

Open source (on GitHub)

Identifying possibly ill patients basing on data from sensors.

Real estate price prediction for USA

Open source

Regression models for prices of real estate in the USA.

Predicting number of views

Open source (on GitHub)

Regression models for predicting number of views of YouTube videos.

PM2.5 analysis for USA

Open source (on GitHub)

Sample analysis of NEI public data about air contamination in USA.