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  • I’m Oskar Jarczyk
    Senior data scientist
  • I deliver results
    through data science
    I'm an experienced data scientist with a background in software development
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I'm offering full time engagement into data science, data engineering and R / Python programming projects. Legal agreement and TAX invoice guaranteed (EU-registered VAT number). You can also invite me for your open-source software project or research grants.
  • Data science

    Full stack Data science

    Full stack means delivering results from the whole process, starting from data cleaning and exploratory analysis, ending on putting model on a web application (e.g. SaaS) working in the cloud

  • Apache Spark (data engineering)

    Data engineering

    ETL solutions which can process heavy data lifting, pipelining data- pre and post-processing, key-value databases (e.g. Redis), pipeline frameworks (e.g. Luigi) are no strangers for me

  • R programming

    R programming

    I like to use knitr for small tasks and exploratory data analysis, and I understand what are R circles of hell (and of course how to avoid them). Big love to data.table, dplyr, rcharts and parallel packages guaranteed

  • Python programming

    Python programming

    Google "python 3 wall of superpowers" so you'll understand why I avoid Python 2 in favor of Python 3. Some of the python projets I maintain on GitHub and BB public repositories

  • Untypical problems

    Solving problems

    Self-explanatory, more sophisticated problems provide more fun. As a proof, check my publications on the Google Scholar


I would like to present you my most recent work.

About me

Computer science graduated, who decided to become a data scientist. 10+ of experience in software development. Pursuing a PhD in the field of Social Informatics.

Hi, I’m Oskar - senior data scientist

I like challenges

For the past 4 years I've worked for various companies, which I helped to make use of their big data. I do web mining and I am fluent in R, Java and Python programming languages. I'm familiar with NLP techniques, Big data Apache technology stack, and NoSQL database (e.g. MongoDB, Neo4J)

My Skills

Clean and efficient code

Vast majority of data scientist don't care about their code, including excelent standards defined in the PIP8. I do care.


I know why pie charts sucks and I understand why people get nervous around box plots

Web development

Models should be used by real people, right?

Model accuracy

There is always some space for improvements. I relentlessy try to follow Kaggle-like standards.

What they said ?

These are opinion which I got from my leaders or teammates. Most of these references I received on the LinkedIn portal.
  • “Oskar worked for us in several simulation and data projects. He was tasked to prototype simulation testing and calibration frameworks, automate collection and processing of simulation results, and implement visualizations. While most of his work was in Amazon AWS, R, Python, and Java, he demonstrated a keen knowledge of a wide range of platforms, technologies, and techniques, all of which contributed to our ability to deliver in time and on budget. He is easy to work with and independently comes up with practical solutions to difficult analytical and technological challenges.”

    Maciej Latek

My Clients

Companies & organizations I worked for

My Blog

I publish on various topics and you can find my posts in different places like steemit, linkedin, etc.
Playing with GitHub data and researching OSS – current state of art by Oskar

Report on current state of art in researching open source software and teams on GitHub. The main idea of this article is to present people who research teams and oss created on GitHub and software which using github-driven data to present more hidden characteristic of code repositories placed on GitHub.

Faster Response Time with Reverse by Natasha

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